Matarbari power plant sets record by releasing coal

Published : 25 May 2023 10:09 PM

Coal is transported directly from the ships to the power plant reservoirs via Japanese conveyor belts.  Matarbari power plant has released 65 thousand metric tons of coal in just four days.

  On May 19, Hong Kong's flag ship MV YM Endeavor was moored at the jetty of the under-construction Matarbari deep sea port with a 1,320 MW power plant.  Later on May 20, the coal discharge from the ship started.  After all the checks are done, the ship's hatch is opened and the state-of-the-art conveyor belt machine is lowered.The coal immediately goes to the reservoir of the power plant through the conveyor belt.  This conveyor velt machine was brought from Japan to quickly unload coal from the ship and take it to the power plant.

By using this machine, the various parts of the reservoir are filled with coal in just a few minutes.  Coal has never been released so quickly before.

On April 25, it took more than eight days for the ship MV AwasuMaru, which brought coal for the power plant, to discharge the same amount of coal.  Within a month, two ships brought one and a half lakh metric tons of coal for this power plant.

Although now in experimental production, this power plant worth about Tk 35 thousand crore is scheduled to go into commercial production in the next few months.