Massive loss of paddy, veg due to unseasonal rain

Published : 07 Dec 2021 09:22 PM

It has been raining intermittently for several days in Mirsarai upazila of Chattogram due to the effects of cyclone Jawad. As a result, the farmers fear huge loss of ripe Aman paddy and vegetable remaining on the fields. 

As a result, there is a danger of spoilage of ripe Aman paddy left standing on the land or cut and piled on the fields and in the backyards. The farmers of the area will have to bear the loss. There is also a risk of damage to winter vegetable as well.

Ordinary people have been suffering due to heavy rains since last Saturday. Many have been seen returning to work late due to rain and the wintery weather. Besides, most of the students have attended the school ignoring the rain.

Important areas of the upazila can be seen on the ground, working people are suffering to go to the office-workplace. People are not going out of the house without special needs. 

The worst victims of such hostile weather are the poor people.

Nazrul Islam, a trader at Kashem Shopping Center in Mirsarai Sadar, said it had been raining since morning. It goes without saying that there are no buyers in the shop because of the rain.

Raju, son of Sirajul Islam of Sufia area under Mithanala union under the upazila said, “We are finished in the last two days of continuous rain. There is a possibility of ripening aman paddy of about one and half kani (180th century) land. To bring home some paddy was cut and kept in the land; again some paddy has not been harvested yet.”

Zahir Uddin, a farmer from Wahedpur area, said, “I also hired workers to harvest paddy on Monday. But due to rain I could not start harvesting paddy. Paddy is being destroyed due to accumulation of rain water in the land.”

Aman paddy lands have been inspected in different areas of the upazila and it has been seen that in some lands ripe paddy has been submerged in rain water. In some lands, the harvested paddy is floating in the water. If the rains do not stop in this situation, the farmers will have to face huge losses.

It is learned that aman paddy has been cultivated in 21,600 hectares of land in 16 unions and 2 municipalities of the upazila this year. This year, winter vegetables are being cultivated in 1100 hectares of land.

Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer of Mirsarai Upazila Kazi Md Nurul Alam said that there may be some loss of ripe Aman paddy due to unwanted rains. So far 45 percent paddy has been harvested this season. 

However, when the rains stop, the damage may be less due to drainage. Besides, there is no danger of loss of winter vegetables. Seeds that have not yet sprouted can be damaged.