Massacre of Palestine civilians

Stop killing people

Published : 04 Nov 2023 09:19 PM

We strongly condemn the brutal genocide carried out by Israel on the Palestinian people and strongly demand that this killing must be stopped immediately.

We are also demanding access and opening of the service sector there to reduce the miseries of people.Human rights in Palestine are constantly being violated. It must be stopped. We donot want this killing and war.

Israeli forces attacked a convoy of ambulances in Gaza on Friday killing 15 people and wounding more than 60 others.Earlier more than 500 wounded Palestinians who were undergoing treatment at the hospital met the tragic end of their lives in the strike. 

This is cruel, monstrous and barbaric.More than 23,500 people have been wounded across Gaza in four weeks of war, the health ministry said, while the death toll has surpassed 9,200 till early Saturday.The mass killing at the hospital and targeting ambulance has already spurred widespread international condemnation and protests at Israeli embassies in several countries in the world.

Human rights in 

Palestine are

constantly being


Several lakh people continued protesting in different countries across the globe over the deadly strike on a Gaza hospital. It is a ‘despicable crime’.Israel’s brutal killings in Palestine have caused an extreme disaster of human rights. 

We want the Palestinians to get back their state. Human rights are being violated continuously in Palestine, and women and children are the most affected.Very often the western countries gave sermons about human rights, but Palestine people are living in very inhuman condition.

The mother took shelter in hospitals with their children considering that hospitals are safe.But, the Israeli forces carried out air attack there killing women and children. 

A terrible thing happened. We have no words to condemn it. How could they attack a place like a hospital?"The international community must work as one, as a coalition of the world in order to stop the war, human sufferings and achieve global peace and security for the well-being of humanity.