Mass exodus continues

Seal off the exist points immediately

We must have been upset by the people’s desperate move to reach their respective village homes to celebrate the Eid-ul Fitr defying the government order. Risking their lives, a large number of people continues to depart the city indiscriminately. 

Country’s most important river routes like Shimulia-Kathalbari and Paturia-Daulatdia are also witnessing thousands of people packed onto ferries, crossing the Padma and other rivers to go their respective home districts at any cost. 

Considering the situation, the government must stop the mass exodus of people from the city immediately to avert a big disaster. Earlier the government had issued a notification extending the ongoing lockdown until May 16, asking the government and non-government officials not to quit station to check the mad rush of people for home amid the coronavirus pandemic.  

The government must seal off the 

capital Dhaka’s all exist points to 

stop the mad rush of people 

But the fact is that they are still making trips without maintaining social distancing and health rules and crowding at different ferry ghats, bus terminals, roads and highways under the nose vey nose of the authorities concerned.  We fear that  these people may come in contact with the coronavirus on ferry or in transport on their way.

It seems people are getting frustrated following the Covid-19 norms and they are roaming on the roads and highways and crowding at shops, shopping malls and other places without masks. Such violation of heath rules could lead to a prolonged Covid-19 pandemic. 

The government should go tough on violators and impose a strict restrict on movement despite the economic pain. Simultaneously, the government must seal off the capital Dhaka’s all exist points to stop the mad rush of people. In this critical situation,  we all have to remain conscious about maintaining health guidelines properly and stop making any trip as our little bit of negligence may cause danger.