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Maruf Tehari from Hazaribag

Published : 25 Jun 2019 08:12 PM | Updated : 06 Sep 2020 01:47 PM

Ahmed Likhon

If you judge tehari by the quantity of meat then undoubtedly this tehari is for you. Recently, I tried this beef tehari from Maruf Biriyani. The place is situated at Hazaribag chawrasta. A well-reputed chef from Hazaribag known as Baburchi Nuru Mia had invented this type of tehari. Currently, Hazi Nuru Mia's son Maruf is carrying on his legacy and has been following his father’s cooking methods. Maruf has perfected the art of making tehari.

Maruf's tehari has earned a name for itself due to the generous amount of beef. They also include Noli/ nolli/ nola/ paya in their tehari. Though it's hard to get a Noli on the plate. Other than tehari Maruf Biriyani also serves plain polao, rezala, and roast. In order to get the finest tehari experience, you must also consider the ambiance and the crowd. Serving time of their tehari isn't like others places. 

They start serving tehari in the evening, more specifically, after 6pm. Their tehari is not only special and famous for its generous amount of beef but also for the fragrant rice. Both the beef and rice have a combined impact behind their success. This is how a perfect tehari should be made. Aromatic rice was made to absolute perfection and steamed with spices. It was fresh and less oily compared to the usual tehari found in the city. The small pieces of meat were delectable and had fresh spices inside. Altogether this tehari was amazing and absolutely praiseworthy.

The writer is a food blogger