Markets, shopping malls not paying attention to govt guidelines

Published : 23 Feb 2023 09:50 PM

The Russia-Ukraine war has disrupted oil markets around the world. Prices have also increased in Bangladesh. Which has made an impact on the commodity market. In this situation, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina directed to keep shops, markets, and shopping malls closed after 8 pm across the country to save electricity and energy. A letter was sent from the Prime Minister's office on June 16 last year to strictly enforce the provisions of Section 114 of 2006. Meanwhile, Labor Secretary Md Ehsane Elahi mentioned that in case of disobeying the instructions, according to the law, six months imprisonment and fines will be imposed.

According to that directive, shops, markets, and shopping malls will be closed after 8 pm. However, hotels, pharmacies, petrol pumps, and other emergency services will remain open.

According to the government instructions, the shops and markets of Sylhet are closed after 8 pm for the past few months. However, despite not obeying the eight o'clock rule, most of the traders finished selling the products by half past eight. But currently, businessmen are not heeding this instruction.

The electricity problem has increased in Sylhet recently. City dwellers have to be without electricity 3 to 4 times a day. 

There is a mixed reaction among vendors regarding the closure of shops and trade at eight o'clock. The vendors say that according to the government's instructions, they used to close the shops, markets, and shopping malls at 8 o'clock, but as no new decision has been made regarding this instruction, they are now closing at 9 o'clock or 10 o'clock. They said that the government's decision has caused a lot of damage to the business.

Abdur Rahman Ripon, President of Sylhet District Business Union Welfare Council, said that according to government instructions, all the markets in Sylhet were closed after eight o'clock at night. But all the shops or showrooms outside the market are open till 10 pm. In this regard, we have complained to the District Commissioner through Sylhet Sylhet Chamber of Commerce, so that all roadside shops and showrooms are closed after eight o'clock at the night. But no action is being taken. So the markets are being kept open with everyone.

In this regard, the Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Sylhet Md. Mujibur Rahman said that in June 2022, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina ordered the closure of shops, markets, and shopping malls after 8 pm across the country to save electricity and energy. At that time the markets were closed according to the order of soccer. If the market is kept open after eight o'clock at night, action will be taken. 

At present no action is being taken against markets or shopping malls open after eight o'clock as there are no new instructions. 

But as soon as any new instructions come from the government, they will be implemented.