Margot Robbie to star in ‘The Sims’

Published : 21 Mar 2024 09:10 PM

In a move set to captivate fans of both video games and Hollywood blockbusters, Margot Robbie, the acclaimed actress behind the success of "Barbie," is now steering her talents towards the iconic gaming franchise "The Sims." Confirmed reports reveal that Robbie and her production company, LuckyChap, are in the process of pitching a movie based on the beloved virtual life simulation game to major studios.

Joining Robbie on this creative journey is Kate Herron, renowned for her direction of the hit Disney+ series "Loki," who is set to helm the film. Collaborating with her is screenwriter Briony Redman, aiming to craft a narrative from the open-ended world of "The Sims."

Similar to "Barbie," which saw Robbie's magic touch transform the doll's tale into a billion-dollar franchise alongside director Greta Gerwig, "The Sims" presents a unique challenge due to its lack of a defined storyline. However, with Robbie's proven track record, studios and streaming platforms are engaged in a heated bidding war for the rights to this promising project.

"The Sims" franchise, known for its sandbox-style gameplay where players create and control virtual characters, boasts a massive fanbase worldwide. With Robbie's star power and the creative vision of Herron and Redman, anticipation for the upcoming movie adaptation is skyrocketing.

Stay tuned as this exciting project develops, promising to bring the immersive world of "The Sims" to life on the big screen in a way that fans old and new will surely adore.