Many murder accused, juvenile gang patrons become councilor candidates in Savar

Published : 08 Jan 2021 10:28 PM

Many accused in murder case, extortionists and patrons of juvenile gang have become councilor candidates in upcoming Savar municipality polls, hiding their real asset statement and many of their criminal records. This was learned after reviewing their affidavit submitted to the Election Commission. 

 Four people are competing from Ward No. 1 including the present councilor Minhaz Uddin Mollah. He was a Juba Dal leader. Later, he was involved with Awami League politics. According to his submitted affidavit, the man is an accused in at least eight cases including Jubo Leage leader Faisal Murder case. 

Another councilor candidate named Ershadur Rahman scheduled to fight from the same ward is accused in at least three cases including murder. Moreover, it was found that after reviewing his affidavit. However, Ershadur is hiding asset information about owning multiple high-rise buildings in the affidavit too. 

When contacted, Ershadur Rahman said, “Actually those building are owned by my wife. Therefore those were not mentioned in the statement.”

On other hand, three men including Nure Alam Siddique, the current councilor, and the Joint Secretary of Savar municipal Awami League, have becomes councilor candidates from Ward No. 4 of the municipality. 

Among these three candidates, Shahidul Islam is familiar to locals as a ‘patron of juvenile gang’, said some people of the area.

Shahidul’s nephew named Sakib is one of the accused in the sensational Neela Roy murder case. At that time, his and his brother Shirajul Islam Shiru's name came in discussion as patrons. Though earlier Shahidul declared that he did not have any communication with his brother or nephew, both of them were seen participating in electioneering for him.   

When contacted, Shahidul Islam told Bangladesh Post, “After all, he is my brother and I can’t stop him, if he wants to participate in my election campaign”. However, he assured that people will not find his brother participating in his election campaign anymore. 

Inspector of Savar Model Police Station Nirmal Kumar Das said, “Sakib was not accused in Neela Roy murder case initially, but later we found his connection with the murder. We are still searching for him to arrest.”

Another candidate named Abbas Ali, is competing from Ward No. 7. He is hiding criminal records and asset statement. He was also a BNP leader once and more than 30 cases were filed against him at different times. He did not mention even a single case in the affidavit. Moreover he has hiden information about possessing a 6-storied building in asset statement. 

Abdur Rahman, another candidate from the ward (No 7), is also accused in two cases including arms act. He is also son-in-law of the infamous Razakar Abul Kalam alias AKM Mansur Razakar, who was accused of three war crimes crahges including killing 111 people during Liberation War on June 15 in 1971. However, Mansur leaves the country when the trial of war criminals begins. According to the several intelligence agencies, Abdur Rahman constantly transferring money abroad to his father-in-law and always tried to save him. 

Abdur Rahman told The Bangladesh Post, “It’s true that my father-in-law is Razakar. But I am not. I am competing to serve people.”

When asked do you have any communication with the fugitive war criminal, he replied, “Yes, I have as he is my father in law, I have no scope to deny him.”  

When contacted, returning officer of Savar municipality polls and senior election officer of Dhaka Munir Hossain Khan told Bangladesh Post, “Nobody raised any complaint when we verified their affidavits and papers in the presence of income tax officer, police and journalists. Therefore, we declared them as candidates. However, if anybody files any complaint in the court, the court will look into the issues then.”  

Md. Salahuddin Khan Noim, General Secretary of Savar Nagorik Committee, said that if any patrons of juvenile gang or accused of murder case participates in the polls, the voters should boycott such persons, as they will not get any expected feedback from them, if elected somehow”. 

Notably, upcoming Savar municipality polls are scheduled to be held on January 16. There are three mayoral candidates and 48 councilor candidates including Women Councilor candidates competing from 9 wards, participating in the polls.