Manosh Bandyopadhyay crosses over four decades

Manosh Bandyopadhyay is a well-known actor in the drama scene of Bangladesh. He has been in acting for more than four decades. Over these long four decades, he has worked in many popular TV dramas, stage plays, movies and advertisements. 

Manosh Bandyopadhyay started his acting career by associating with ‘Suniyom Natyachakra’ in Faridpur. He made his acting debut in the play ‘Sajano Bagan’ under the direction of Biplob Bala where he acted for around five years. 

Later, he came to Dhaka and first acted in the play ‘Sanai Noy’ produced by KM Harun with Tarana Halim opposite him. Seeing him in the play, many thought he was Kumar Bishwojit. 

Professionally, his acting career started in 1978 with his performance in ‘Sanai Ghar’. Manosh Bandyopadhyay  completed Honors Masters from the Department of Public Administration, Dhaka University. He was a resident student of Mohsin Hall. 

Speaking on the path of acting for more than four decades, Manosh Bandyopadhyay  said, “Honestly, in the path of acting for a long time, the love of the audience seems to be absolute. 

The audience has expressed their love by watching my performance, I am still soaking in the love of the audience. I haven’t done anything in my life other than acting. I haven’t even tried to do anything else. 

But the artists involved in acting in this country are not properly evaluated. Artists are given posthumous honors after death, but the artist does not get the respect he deserves to survive. The subject has been bothering me a lot lately. Even then, I am an actor, this is my pride.”

His favorite hero is Razzak and heroine is Kabori and his favorite TV actor is Syed Ahsan Ali Sydney and actress is Nazma Anwar.