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Mango travels to UK

Published : 10 Jul 2021 09:27 PM | Updated : 11 Jul 2021 12:01 AM

'Barendra Agro Park' (BAP) of Naogaon has so far exported some 5,000 kgs of mangoes abroad. This is for the third-time, BAP has exported some 1,000 kgs of Amrapali and Bananamango varieties of mangoes from Sapahar of Naogaon to the United Kingdom.

Earlier on June-17 and 21, BAP Director, young agro-entrepreneur Sohel Rana exported some 2,000 kgs of Amrapali mangoes in two phases to the UK. 

Sohel Rana said he has cultivated in his orchard some 1,500 Amrapali variety of mango on 107 bighas of land. This year he made 'fruit bagging' of mangoes on some 500 Amrapali trees aiming to export those abroad. The mangoes which are 'fruit bagged' remain fresh and free from the attack of any insects or diseases. 

Moreover, the mangoes which would be exported abroad are checked thoroughly in Dhaka to ensure those are fine in quality and free from chemical and diseases.

He further said, on June-17 and 21 he was able to export the mangoes without any hassle and hoped that the third phase of export of mangoes will also be hassle free. By exporting mangoes abroad he can earn two or three times more profit than the normal price in the local markets. 

Bangladesh Food and Vegetable Export Association assisted him to export mangoes to the UK, he added.