Mango harvest begins in Satkhira, large profit margin expected

Published : 06 May 2022 08:30 PM
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At the beginning of the season, in the first phase in Satkhira, mango collection and marketing has started from the orchards.

With the permission of the district administration authorities, the traders have started plucking some varieties of ripe mangoes including Gobindbhog, Gopalbhog, Bombay Mango, Golapkhas and Baishakhi from the farmers in the first phase in the orchards of the district. On the first day, raw mango was sold at 65 Tk. After collecting mangoes from the orchards, mango growers and traders have marketed them in various wholesale markets including Sultanpur Bazaar in the city.

Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Humayun Kabir said that Himsagar mangoes can be collected and marketed on May 16, Langra on May 24 and Amrapali mangoes on June 1. Legal action will be taken against any trader or farmer if they plant immature mangoes before the stipulated time.

The Deputy Commissioner further said that due to geographical reasons, mangoes ripen in Satkhira district before other districts of the country. Satkhira delicious mango is popular among fruit lovers at the beginning of the season. Mangoes from this district are exported to different countries of Europe every year.

According to the Satkhira Department of Agricultural Extension (Khamarbari), 600 metric tons of mangoes will be exported from all over the country this year. Of this, 100 metric tons of mango will go abroad from Satkhira. The local agriculture department has provided various trainings to the farmers engaged in safe mango export throughout the year. Apart from a few species of mangoes, other mangoes have been allowed. However, Himsagar, Nangra and Amrapali mango collection days have also been fixed.

Meanwhile, traders said that mango traders are likely to face losses due to low yields this year. .

Abdul Aziz, a mango trader from Kukhrali area of Sadar upazila, said he has bought 15 mango orchards for Tk 1.4 million this season. The yield of the tree is low. Himsagar mango tree has 30 percent mango. Govindabhog tree is 80 percent mango. He expects to lose money this year.

Rabiul Islam, a mango farmer from Labsar in Sadar upazila, said hailstorms hit the trees this year. Mango did not go as expected due to the bud storm. If you can market mango first, the price will be higher.

According to the Satkhira Department of Agricultural Extension, mango was planted on 4,110 hectares of land in the district last year. Mango has been cultivated in 4,115 hectares of land this year. Despite the increase in planting, mango buds have not come to 50 percent of the trees this year. There are 5,299 mango orchards and 13,000 mango farmers in the district.