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Mango export sets record

Published : 04 Aug 2023 10:06 PM

A remarkable surge in mango growth and exports from the country has been witnessed lately that has surpassed all previous records. 

During current season, the country has exported a substantial amount of the fruits weighing some 2,700 tonnes, marking an impressive increase of 1,000 tonnes compared to last year's export volume of 1,757 tonnes, according to agriculture ministry.

The global demand for Bangladeshi mangoes has soared, prompting exports to 34 countries this year, a notable increase from the 28 countries in the previous year. 

Among the major importing nations, the United Kingdom tops the list with 1,256 tonnes, followed by Italy with 296 tonnes, Saudi Arabia with 260 tonnes, United Arab Emirates with 137 tonnes, Qatar with 111 tonnes, Singapore with 55 tonnes, Switzerland with 14 tonnes, Germany with 70 tonnes, France with 85 tonnes, and Sweden with 65 tonnes. The shipments to Kuwait and Canada are also significant, amounting to 218 tonnes each.

It is worth noting that despite an annual production of approximately 25 lakh tonnes of mangoes in the country, the export volume has historically remained relatively low. 

However, the recent boost in export figures indicates a positive trend. In previous years, the export figures were as follows- 232 tonnes in 2017-18, 310 tonnes in 2018-19, 283 tonnes in 2019-20, 1,632 tonnes in 2020-21, and 1,757 tonnes in 2021-22.

Addressing the issue of compliance with international standards, including good agricultural practices, the Ministry of Agriculture has taken proactive measures to enhance the production of exportable mangoes. This includes the implementation of a project aimed at supporting farmers in adopting improved agricultural practices to meet global requirements.

Under the guidance of the project director, Arifur Rahman, the first year of the project has yielded outstanding results, leading to the export of over 1,000 tons more mangoes compared to the previous year. With approximately 15 days to 20 more days remaining in the current year, there are expectations of even more mangoes being exported.

The Ministry of Agriculture committed promoting the export of Bangladeshi mangoes on the international stage. By continuously supporting farmers and implementing better agricultural practices, the country aims to tap into the immense potential of the global mango market and establish its position as a key mango exporter in the world.