Mango bumper production likely in Raozan

Published : 04 Mar 2022 09:10 PM

Mango buds are spreading fragrance on the mango trees in Raozan. Due to low intensity in winter, almost all the trees are already in bloom.

According to Upazila Agriculture Office source, lot of mango trees planted on house yard, Lake Corner or abandoned places. Local MP ABM Fazle Karmi Chowdhury’s green festival has a lot of Amrapali trees on the road that buds recently in Halda, Karnphuli Par, Noapara, Haldaiya, Kadalpur, Ropub Gujra, Noajishipur. There can be a lot of mango from these trees in recent year.

The Upazila Agriculture Office is assisting local farmers in the cultivation on a regular basis. In addition, Amrapali, Harivanga and local mangoes have been planted in different places by individuals and cooperatives. These mangoes are not suitable for export but able to meet the local demand. 

According to the agronomists, it is not a good thing that the buds come to us before the winter. Dense fog will damage the buds that come to the fore, which will affect the yield. However, from now on, the yield will be as good as it is in the tube. So if fungicide spray is used at this time, we will get good yield.

Imran Hossain Upazila Agriculture Office said, "We will try our best to increase the yield . Like other fruits, there are many problems in mango orchards. Therefore, before and after the buds sprout and when the buds come to fruition, if the fruit is sprayed three times with total pesticide and fungicide , the standard yield can be possible.”

However, the winter is less, the temperature is high. Therefore, buds are coming in early morning. If dense fog or windstorm falls, these buds will be damaged. However, if the weather is good till the end, the yield 

will increase. 

Four lakh 85 thousand mango saplings were planted within 24 hour in 2017 through Green Festival programme by ABM Fazle Karmi Chowdhury MP. And these mango trees are now in full bloom. There is a probability of huge mango production this year.