Malicious diplomacy centering Beijing Winter Olympics

Published : 11 Dec 2021 08:48 PM | Updated : 14 Dec 2021 06:18 PM

The US announced Monday that the Biden administration will not send an official US delegation to the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games, although both the White House and the State Department avoided using the term "diplomatic boycott." The statement, issued only three days before the so-called Summit for Democracy, apparently serves as ballyhoos for that gang-like summit. 

US athletes will participate in the Beijing Games as normal, so will those from other countries and regions. The big picture of a successful Winter Olympics is set, and the Olympic spirit and tradition will be further promoted. 

aThe absence of an official delegation was formally announced by Washington, showing a high level of narcissism as well as the fact that they have taken themselves too seriously. Chinese people will respond to them with a single "Huh? So what?" 

The US statement came with a repeated smear on China of "human rights abuses" and "ongoing genocide" in Xinjiang, which is too outdated in the internet age to stir up much imagination or concern. The only message people get from the statement is that the US, once again, is turning on China when the Beijing Winter Olympics are just around the corner. 

The US tactic is known to all - it attempts to find fault with China and make anti-China stunts internationally. It would be strange if they keep quiet on the upcoming Winter Olympics. 

The US regards the absence of an official US delegation to Beijing as a "trump card" and tries to make a "straight flush" with its allies at the cost of the Olympic spirit, showing an unpromising and malicious diplomacy of Washington.

US policymakers are constantly changing. As a result, those in office are collectively short-sighted. And they tend to hype everything possible without considering the actual effect. All they care about is catching eyeballs and showing off politically. For Chinese people, the absence of the US delegation is just like bubbles floating on a Chinese hot pot. Quite a few people would ignore them and keep enjoying the food. Others would just use a spoon to get rid of them. 

The Chinese people will no longer be shocked by whatever tricks the US plays. On the one hand, we are fully aware of the hostility from Washington. 

On the other, the US has lost its halo in Chinese society. We witness how the US has become a country with no bottom line. 

It could talk nonsense and mess up all things. Our expectation toward Washington has been lowered to the level of "OK, we have encountered a hooligan!" This has greatly boosted our ability to withstand "disgusting" issues in China-US ties.  

In the future, Chinese people will no longer consider cooperation from the US as something supplementary. On the contrary, through the US entanglement with China, and the fact that US officials do not know how to speak without naming China, we have sensed China's success and its unprecedented importance in the eyes of major powers worldwide. China is getting stronger. 

Our success needs no certificate from any external force. Our confidence has made us no longer being bothered in trifle issues or we simply lose interest in them. 

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Let the US live the wrong way; let the US officials entertain themselves by not attending the Winter Olympics as a much-too-heavy chip. One day they may become so arrogant to ask for a fee for using public toilets in foreign cities. 

What the US needs most now is to get back its lost understanding of its own. It should know that its performance over the Winter Olympics is almost like streaking, which is by no means art.

This write-up first appeared on Global Times as an editorial. Source: Global Times

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