Malaysian job market still in syndicates’ grip

Bangladesh is yet to explore the potentials of job market in Malaysia as its overseas employment in this Asian country is still in the grip of the syndicates. Due to malpractices of Bangladeshi companies engaged in the process for recruiting manpower from Bangladesh, the Malaysian government has recently black listed a renowned ICT-based firm 'Synerflux SPPA'.

It is alleged that, Synerflux monopolized the recruitment of Bangladeshi workers in Malaysia as it turned as a powerful labour recruitment syndicate in the Southeast Asian region. As a result, labour recruitment from Bangladesh has been suspended resulting in slow remittance inflow. When Bangladesh government and authorities concerned have been able to reopen the Malaysian market for the Bangladeshi workers after long struggle, the syndicates have become active again.

It is known that, a Bangladeshi born Malaysian, Amin Nur alias Aminul Islam Bin Abdul Nur controls the syndicate. He somehow received the Malaysian highest state titled 'Dato Sri'. To recruit labours in Malaysia through the syndicate, they got approval of the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) against 'Bestinet (BD) Ltd' where Aminul Islam Bin Abvdul Nur holds 10,000 shares, and another Ruhul Amin holds 2,000 shares.

On inspection, it is known that, the syndicate has selected only 16 medical centres for health check-up reducing the number from 26 under G2G plus system. Among 16, Ruhul Amin owns two centres. But neither the Bangladeshi nor the Malaysian government permitted any of those 16 centres. On the other hand, Malaysian government has long ago banned G2G system while the syndicate got the opportunity to recruit manpower. As a result, complaint against corruption was raised strongly. However, the Malaysian government suspended the activities of Synerflux and Bestinet last year. For its widespread corruption, the governments of Nepal, Maldives and Malaysia black listed the company.

It was accused that the company under the leadership of Bangladeshi manpower businessman Ruhul Amin Swapan has already taken at least 200 million Malaysian ringgit in the name of giving jobs to Bangladeshi workers. It is also learned that the Malaysian Human Resources Ministry submitted an investigation report to Mahathir's government, accusing controversial activities of Bangladeshi Malaysian Amin Noor.

BAIRA General Secretary Shamim Ahmed Chowdhury Noman said, they have recently known the matter through news media. "The government of both the countries are trying to resolve the problem", he added. Ministry of Expatriates' Welfare and Overseas Employment and its Minister Imran Ahmed have taken an initiative to reopen the labour market. In this sector, BAIRA and government will work simultaneously.

Sources said, high officials of Bangladeshi High Commission in Malaysia want that labour recruitment should be through the Synerflux and Bestinet. In this regard they also recommends them also.