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Making a Razakar-free administration an urgency

Published : 19 Dec 2019 10:00 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 12:33 AM

Cleansing the ‘Razakars’ from inside the administration now seems more important than preparing the list of Razakars, the collaborators of Pakistani occupation force during the War of Liberation in 1971.

It is a great initiative, though it is late, to prepare the list of razakars, the most notorious collaborators who assisted Pakistan Army to carry out the genocide on Bengali nation during the Liberation War in 1971.

But the list of razakar made by Liberation War affairs ministry has been made controversial and seriously flawed with an ulterior evil motive.

And the anti-liberation force inside the administration has done it. As per the government decision, the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs (MOLWA) has prepared the list on the basis of the documents provided by the Ministry of Home Affairs. The Home Ministry had ordered the DCs of all the 64 districts to find out the documents preserved in their offices about the collaborators of the Pakistani force in 1971. Intelligence offices of police also assisted with documentation in this regard.

That means, officials and employees of various levels from the Secretariat to field level were involved in the process of preparing the Razakar list. It can be said that the names of freedom fighters in the list were secretly added by someone before the Home Ministry’s providing documents to the MOLWA, or during the preparation of the list at the MOLWA.

Following the publication of the seriously flawed Razakar list, the two ministries concerned were blaming each other which indicates there was little coordination between the two ministries while working for preparing such an important record. No ministry is an autonomous organization, rather all the ministries are interwoven with a single purpose of making the government works smooth and accountable as a whole. Therefore, more emphasis and importance should be given regarding proper coordination among all the ministries to avoid repetition of such blunder in future.

Beside the all-out development activities, one of the much appreciated initiative of the government is the ongoing cleansing drive in the ruling party and elsewhere as well in a bid to make the country free from corruption, criminal activities, irregularities, bad practices and everything unlawful.

Alongside the ongoing drive, now a drive to cleanse the Administration from anti-liberation evil forces has become an urgency. An anti-liberation person in the Administration can do many times more harm to the government as well as the country than such a person in the ruling party or elsewhere. Because, such a person in the Administration is directly involved in implementing the government initiatives or can be involved in policy making.

This tremendously flawed list of Razakars is a vivid proof that the anti-liberation force is very much active inside the Administration. They are not sparing even the slightest chance to ruin the image of the government as well as doing harm to the country. It has become an urgency to cleanse the anti-liberation force from the Administration for the overall interest, safety and wellbeing of the country. If necessary a strategy should be prepared in this connection.

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