Make zebra crossings safe

Educate drivers and pedestrians about its functions

It needs no emphasising that the incumbent government over the past years has been working tirelessly to ensure road safety to foster a more habitable society by taking the country’s transportation system to the height of the first world countries. 

On top of that, the government has enacted some new provisions for compelling drivers and pedestrians to maintain discipline on roads. But despite relentless efforts on the part of  the government, the number of road mishaps and deaths is increasing alarmingly.

It is perturbing to note that most of the drivers plying the roads do not have minimum knowledge about rules and functions of zebra crossings. It is worth mentioning that last year  a student was killed in cold blood for not following traffic rules—walking over a zebra crossing in a university area and such incident divulges drivers' reluctance to follow rules at zebra crossings.

Government and police should devise necessary 

measures to ensure that there are no deaths or 

injuries at zebra crossings

Tendency of violating zebra crossing contributes to frequent accidents and terrific gridlock. It is the pedestrian’s right to have zebra crossings available at various junctions but unfortunately, we do not have adequate zebra crossings in the capital.

Experts are of the opinion that Dhaka city needs more zebra crossings than footbridges because it may be difficult for the elderly people to cross a road through a footbridge and zebra crossings can help them cross the road without much difficulty.

Considering all above, authorities concerned should consider having more zebra crossings in Dhaka and the pedestrians should be conscious about following the rules at zebra crossings. Also government and police should devise necessary measures to ensure that there are no deaths or injuries at zebra crossings at all -- not only in Dhaka but also across the country.