Make water available in Ramadan

Take it up as a priority

During summer the demand for water increases manifold in the country. The demand rises further during the month of Ramadan as consumption rate of this essential commodity doubles. No doubt, WASA has to face uphill task in arranging the extra amount of water to satisfy the residents. But, as water sources are becoming dry every passing day, the authority will have to find out other sources to keep the supply level unbroken. 

The capital city is already facing water crisis at least in some parts and this needs to be addressed immediately as Ramadan is already here. With the hint of a heat wave lurking around the corner, people will need to have a good stock of water to meet daily needs.  A study shows that the amount of water being supplied to many parts of the city is simply not enough; moreover, it’s to some extent polluted. Such polluted water pose the risk of serious water borne diseases.  

On a macroscopic level, 

decentralization needs to

 happen very soon before the city 

collapses under the pressure 

of its ever growing populace

There are many reasons for water shortage in the capital city. Number one is, surface water has disappeared and ground water level has gone down alarmingly. More and more people, especially  homeless people by the thousands keep coming in search of livelihood. It becomes difficult for the authority to install extra pipelines to supple excess amount of water to a residence where population has doubled or trebled in 20 years. 

The authorities are failing again and again to provide basic needs of the residents leading to the suffering of thousands. The situation is unlikely to improve as more and more people are coming in to Dhaka every month. On a macroscopic level, decentralization needs to happen very soon before the city collapses under the pressure of its ever growing populace.