Make-up tips for mature and ageing skin

While doing make-up, these are the following tips one should keep in mind to get a glowing skin. When it comes to mature and ageing skin, there are a few key tips to take care of. 

Complexion Perfection

The ‘less is more’ approach is important. A lot of women lose color in their faces as they age, so there’s an impulse to pile on foundation, but heavy foundation is more likely to settle into lines and wrinkles and accentuate them.

Before applying foundation remember to use primer on your face. It helps in hiding dark patches and pimples well. It is also very important to choose the right shade of foundation matching to your skin tone, further giving a bright and mesmerising look.

Use a foundation that’s almost transparent and use a little concealer in certain areas to get more coverage.”

To combat under-eye puffiness, choose a concealer shade that cancels out discoloration.


A little bit of sculpting can ‘lift’ the face and add dimension. When in doubt, a shade just a touch darker than your face usually works best.

Put everything half an inch higher than you think it should go. Brush a sweep of blush *above* the apples of your cheeks, closer to under-eye area than the actual cheekbone.

As for eyebrow sculpting? Try not to drop the ends of the brows too low when you’re shading them in — it can make your eyes look sleepy. Use a shade lighter than your actual brow color to keep things soft.

Highlight it out

Highlighters help you to highlight your face. To fake some glow, you can rely on a liquid highlighter. It can give you that extra glow and add life to your face. You can also mix a liquid highlighter with your foundation to get the glow from within look.

Smoky Eyes

Use a few shades of deep, warm-brown eyeshadow in the crease of your eyes to create depth, plus a touch of metallic shadow on the lid. A brown smoky eye is a great option for women who are intimidated by a traditional black smoky eye.

Red Lips

To prevent lipstick from bleeding into lines or wrinkles around your mouth, apply a lip liner on the edges of your lips and only putting lipstick in the center of your lips, at least an eighth of an inch away from your actual lip perimeter. Use the side of the pencil — not the point — to keep things soft. As a finishing touch, dab highlighter on the corners of your lips to lift up the smile.    —Times of India