Make Eid journey safe

Published : 21 Mar 2024 09:44 PM

Revolutionary changes in the country’s road communication system are now visible. In the last 15 years, the government has constructed many bridges, roads and highways, including Padma Bridge, Bangabandhu Bridge, Teesta Bridge, Payra Bridge, the Second Kanchpur Bridge, the Second Meghna Bridge, and the Second Gomti Bridge.

The government is giving priority to establishment of uninterrupted road and rail communication in the country. And so it has constructed bridges on the major rivers across the country. The government’s main aim is to ensure discipline on roads and highways to ease the journey of people. 

But the authorities have not been able to bring discipline on the roads and highways, nor have they implemented it in the transport sector. The biggest challenge is to maintain discipline, which will reduce traffic jams and accidents.

The Roads and Highways Department, responsible for the construction and maintenance of the major roads, highways and bridges network of country, has identified 155 jam-prone spots across the country, according to highway police. Therefore, the Eid holidaymakers are likely to face hassle on roads and highways during their journey this time.

Expansion work on the highways and the ongoing BRT project in Gazipur will also add to the wounds. Unfit vehicles and slow-moving vehicles would worsen the traffic situation during the peak days before the Eid holidays.


holidaymakers are likely to face

 hassle on roads 

and highways during 

their journey 

this time

So, people’s journey is likely to be more torturous this time than previous years ahead of the Eid as many parts of national highways are not in good shape alongside heavy pressure of vehicles may aggravate the situation.

People may face traffic congestion at many points on the Dhaka-Tangail-Rangpur highway unless proper measures are taken. Non-automated toll collection at Padma Bridge and the Dhaka-Mawa-Bhanga Expressway could also cause long queues of south-bound vehicles amid the Eid rush.

Besides, traffic could grind to a halt due to breakdowns of rickety, unfit vehicles and crashes caused by the large number of motorbikes that will be on the highways. Therefore, the authorities concerned must increase road monitoring by the law enforcers to make the people’s Eid journey smooth and trouble-free immediately.

Keeping this latest situation in mind, the concerned ministry and BRTA need to repair the damaged-roads across the country on an urgent basis. So, passengers on all national highways will not experience painful journeys from the capital Dhaka and other cities.

Over six million holidaymakers are expected to leave the capital during Eid holidays, according to a study. Of them, nearly four million will go home by roads. The government has decided to stop the movement of trucks, vans and lorries on highways three days before and three days after Eid-ul-Fitr to ensure hassle-free travel for holidaymakers. The government must take all necessary measures so that people can go home safely to celebrate Eid with their dear and near ones.