Make e-commerce diversified

Published : 25 Jul 2021 06:10 PM | Updated : 25 Jul 2021 06:10 PM

Bangladesh’s prevailing economy in the last decade, under the astute leadership of our premier is something that heaped praise globally. The leaps and bounds which the economy witnessed is not just applaudable but also exemplary to any developing country.

 The pandemic has somewhat come as a blessing in disguise for the new entrepreneurs across the country for their revolution in f-commerce. This insurgent change was entirely unexpected and with silent progression, they are having a significant impact on our economy through information technology. 

There is a significant gap between urban and rural entrepreneurs when it comes to opportunities in the e-commerce sector due to their internet access and networks, including lack of knowledge, customers, suppliers, etc. So along with the ICT division, providing a good internet network, various kinds of training on e-commerce should be imparted to rural entrepreneurs as well.

Talha Kamal

North South University