Major rivers swell

Take preparation in advance to combat potential flooding

Moderate to heavy rainfall continues lashing different parts of the country as the monsoon has already made an arrival a week ahead of onset date. It is apprehended that flood may hit the low-lying areas of country’s 23 districts anytime with the rise of water levels in major rivers due to onrush of upstream waters coupled with moderate to very heavy downpours.

People living in low-lying areas may face serious difficulties due to flood water during the monsoon like in the past. Reportedly, as many as 628 points in the country’s northern, northeaster and southeastern parts have been identified as vulnerable to flooding. Therefore, the government must take all-out measures to deal with the upcoming flood situation. 

The government must take 

all-out measures to deal with 

the upcoming flood situation

The government should increase number of flood shelter centres and construct strong river embankments. Besides, damaged and affected dams and embankment will have to be repaired immediately to protect the lives and livelihoods of people. The government should conduct thorough surveys and field investigations to find out the vulnerable embankments and take immediate steps to reconstruct and repair them. 

According to Flood Forecasting and Warning Centre, all the major rivers including Brahmaputra-Jamuna and Padma are in rising trend. Therefore, preparations must be taken in advance to combat a major flooding. Besides, the ministries concerned will have to monitor the flood situation all the time and give necessary instructions to the field level officials.

The government should remain ready with sufficient relief goods. Also, an adequate number of shelter centers in the flood-prone districts should be prepared so that people who will take refuge in the flood shelter centers can maintain social distancing and follow health guidelines amid the Covid-19 outbreak.