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Fourth Industrial Revolution

Major changes in digitech expected

Published : 31 Jan 2020 09:39 PM | Updated : 01 Sep 2020 08:44 PM

The fourth industrial revolution will bring a major change in the digital technology process to improve the quality of life of people worldwide. There will be a positive impact on international trade. All of these will open up new markets and accelerate economic growth, experts opined.

They urged developing countries to be mindful of the 'Fourth Revolution'. From business perspective, one of the major promises of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is to improve the living standards of the people of the world and increase their income level. For industrialized countries that are already under the connected network, new technologies are opening the door to more products and services.

The role of technology is also seen in the development of the market. Emerging technologies are creating new products and services and creating new demand and supply. In the fourth industrial revolution, our workplaces and companies will get smarter and more efficient.

Climate expert of a Cox’s Bazar-based NGO Rashid Hasan said, “technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution will help to better prepare for natural disasters, and facilitate rescue and surveillance. Technologies will bring more technical capabilities to deal with climate change, he added.

IT Experts of Creative IT firm, Md Zia Uddin said, ”More than 30 percent of the global population is now connected to social media. They use social media platforms for their different purposes” The debate over these fundamentals will intensify in the years to come. In fact, protecting privacy will be very difficult. The definition of privacy will change in this new difficult situation, he added.

In addition, he also mentioned that we cannot protect many things as confidential as before. The fourth industrial revolution will force us to redefine our moral and ethical boundaries.

This power of the digital revolution has also emerged in a recently published report by the World Bank on 'Digital Dividends'. It says that the Internet users now send 20,700 million e-mails to the world in a single day, 420 million different things are being searched on Google. Even before an era, these changes in technology were unimaginable.

Regarding the digital revolution, Dennis O'Brien, chairman of the multinational mobile operator Digicell, said, digitalization as a fourth industrial revolution has already brought about huge changes in all areas of our work, but I see this change as a start.

“In the next 10 years, as a result of the digital revolution, we are going to face changes that have not been possible in 50 years,” he added. However, another group of economists and experts believes that the digital revolution will take world inequality and poverty into a more difficult phase.

Post, Telecommunications and Information Minister Mostafa Jabbar is stressing our government's various steps taking into consideration the implementation of digital Bangladesh, such as a comprehensive and complete digital security act, establishment of Union Digital Center and other steps of government in digital transformation.

The minister also said, “I can say with confidence that Bangladesh is ready to accept the fourth industrial revolution. We have given major importance to information technology and manpower needed for this revolution. Digital security is also a priority.”

Mostafizur Rahman, project director of A2i, said, "We are preparing for the fourth industrial revolution through the 'Skill for Employment' program. Although sad at present, the fact is that there is no coordination with the educational institutions on what kind of knowledge and skills the industry needs. He emphasized that, we need to work to reduce the gap between industry and academic institutions.