Maintain law and order in Eid

People’s safety and security first

Every year, right before Eid, there is a deterioration of law and order. Petty crimes like snatching and pick-pocketing increases and so does mugging and robbery. As the religious festival approaches nearer mugging and looting incidents have also increased in the capital. Generally, such incidents take place in crowded places like shopping complexes and near commercial banks with muggers preying on the unsuspecting while evading the law enforcers. Common office goers and civilians are falling prey to these miscreants most and are losing their valuables.

According to media reports, the criminals, sensing loopholes in the law enforcement, are practically picking targets in broad day light. After the sun sets, the risk of being targeted by snatchers increases near shopping malls and empty narrow streets. Moreover, incidents of snatching have taken place right under the victims’ nose. This generally takes place near the New Market area, Elephant road, Old Town, and some other selected places. 

Furthermore, not only physical presence of law enforcement, cyber security is also a big issue during Eid. Bangladesh Bank’s notice to commercial banks for tightening security to their vaults and IT systems is commendable. But, people leaving the banks are often targeted by looters. Many people have already left the capital and more will leave until Eid and even afterwards. The streets will remain secluded. This causes a large decrease in the number of people that used to occupy the capital and home break-ins occur during this time. 

Law enforcers have to work hard to hold back snatching, robbery, dope gang activities and other crimes. The security to the public must be ensured at all cost. RAB and highway patrol must keep watch over the home going people. Finally, the streets must be monitored and patrolled at night to deter criminals from harming people.