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MAINLAND CHINA Beyond the Great Wall

Published : 17 Sep 2019 07:37 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 09:15 AM

They say if it’s Chinese, it’s Mainland China! Well, I agree. My strong inclination towards Chinese food dine-outs made me visit Mainland China for their famous and authentic Chinese cuisine. It is a specialized dining restaurant from India that unfolds its magical cuisine here at Dhaka with exemplary ambience, well-orchestrated menu and prompt service.

The subtle blending of spices, the toss of the wok or the tempering of the sauces that lend a unique flavour to its dishes; Mainland China is well known for Chinese delicacies that truly have a different tantalizing effect on taste buds. Well I can’t wait anymore to tell you all about the wonderful food experience and the delicacies that I tasted. And viola! Here they are! Firstly, the presentation of each and every dish was perfectly done.

Loved the crunchiness of the Sichuan Chicken with Smoked Chillies and Peanuts (BDT 525) and Sichuan Chilli Babycorn (BDT 395), the spicy Roast Lamb in Mahlak Sauce (BDT 575), Drums of Heaven (BDT 475) and Thai Chilli Beef with Kaffir Lime (BDT 575), General Tao’s Favourite Chicken (BDT 575) glistening with a rich sauce, the Steamed Whole Sea Bass (BDT 1300) cooked in a light sauce that cool the palate, heavenly Lobster in Sichuan Chilli Sauce (BDT 2200), the gently Wok Tossed Noodles (BDT 495/525), the light and fluffy Mixed Meat Fried Rice (BDT 545), the piping hot Vegetable in Thai Green Curry (BDT 425), Eight Treasure Chicken Soup (BDT 295) along with their refreshing Watermelon and Cilantro and Lychee and Kafir Lime Mojito both priced at BDT 240 are worth mentioning.

Their Set Lunch Menu (BDT 800) that consists of Prawn Tempura to Tsing Hoi Chicken to Brownie Slice is quite a good deal. Among desserts, Hot Chocolate Rolls (BDT 325) and Honey Noodles with Roasted Almonds (BDT 350) were just mouth-wateringly delicious. And yes, all the above mentioned dishes are ideal to whet your appetite; they will tempt you to sit back and enjoy a meal that takes you on a culinary journey from Sichuan to Jiangsu, to the bustling streets of Beijing.

It was a wonderful and memorable experience to meet Humayra Parvez, advisor of Mainland China Banani branch and to have a short chat with her on food! She quoted, “Our chefs excel at preparing authentic dishes that delight the taste buds. We maintain proper hygiene and we do not use MSG in any of our dishes.”

Along with the dishes served with same outstanding level of quality and perfection accompanied by the calm and peaceful ambiance, the entire service team did their level best to make it the most memorable Mainland China experience. So, this is the kingdom of Mainland China, beyond the Great Wall. A place where all dreams come true.

Place – Mainland China, House 1,  ANZ Haq Eleven Square,
Level-13, Block H, Rd 11, Dhaka 1213
Pocket Pinch – BDT 1500 for two (approx)
Opening Hours – 12pm to 3:30pm
7pm to 11pm