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Mahishasura defeating Durga!

Published : 25 Sep 2023 08:37 PM
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In Hinduism, we hear the story of the Goddess Durga defeating the monster Mahishashura. But when it comes to real life it's quite the opposite. In the current scenario, the gods do not give weapons and blessings to the goddess Durga to defeat evil. Instead, it is giving powers to the evil to kill the goddess, Durga. Everyone around Durga just tells her to keep quiet and accept everything to be her fate.  

The term ‘domestic violence is not something we are not used to it. Every day there is news about it. Domestic violence is when there is a close relationship between the offender and the victim. Such thing has been going on from generation to generation and nothing is done about it. Women have always been considered to be weak and machines to produce children. 

The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 says that any act, conduct, omission, or commission that harms or injures or has the potential to harm or damage will be considered domestic violence by the law. The World Health Organization reports that the proportion of women who had ever experienced physical or sexual violence or both by an intimate partner ranged from 15% to 71%, with the majority between 29% and 62%.  

If we look at our households when the son/ father or any male member comes home it is always the female members who give them water. This is where it has shown women should serve men. This example might be taken to be too light or not relatable to the topic. But this is just a pebble of the big ocean created for women to drown. 

Domestic violence usually follows a pattern first they get angry threaten you and then start physical abuse. Apologize the next day, shower with gifts, and the cycle continues. If we tell anyone they would say, “Men work hard outside, it gets too much so he just vents his anger on you but he loves you,” 

Abuse is not loved. The one who says such things are the real culprits of society. It’s a shame that such a person is mostly other women. We are tied down so deep that we hardly think about breaking all the ties and breath out over ourselves. 

Accepting the violence against yourself means you are opening the door to the same thing for another woman. That woman can be your child too. 

A man worshiping the goddess in the mandir beats up his wife at home. This is normal for society but a woman worshiping the god in the mandir, keeping fast also worships and accepts the violence against her. And that is the difference between the goddess Durga and the Durga in every household.