Impact of Covid- 19

Magura potters pass hard time

Shmeem Ahmed, Magura

Forty families of Borai Palpara in Magura Sadar, who are involved in pottery, but due to corona infection, living a life of humanity. The potters involved in this profession are now having a lazy time. No preoccupation, no interest in work. 

Every year fairs are held at different places of the district on the occasion of New Year, Baishakhi Mela, Puja Utsav and Chaitra Sankranti. But this time there was no fair, no worship festival. Corona has ruined everything. Potters have been trying to sit in the way.

Once the potters of Magura Sadar were busy, but now the potters have been lazy because of the lack of job and employment. Corona's impact has disrupted public life. 

The potters are sitting lazily. Moneylenders come from outside and go with the deposit of goods. But this time the wholesalers are not able to come from outside due to the pandemic. In Palpara, every household has a variety of items made of burnt clay lying idle. Since pottery is not sold, potters are not making any new potteries.

Anando Pal of Borai village, who is involved in pottery, said, “I was involved in this industry from birth. Potters survive around various festivals. Pahela Boishakh, New Year, Puja-Parvan are surrounded by Pal Para. But the potters are in trouble in the corona pandemic. 

Our sales have been declining since corona started. There are many things made of clay in our house. So we are not making any new things. Made bangles, lids, coils cases, donations and other items are not being sold in their own shops. So we have to live a dehumanized life with our families.

Apurba Pal, Atul Pal and many others said, we have been doing this business since birth. We make things by ignoring various obstacles, sun-rain-storm. We have to buy etel soil and make utensils. It also takes sand. I made some things before Corona. 

They have also been burnt. But I am in trouble for not being sold. Wholesale moneylenders come to us and buy things. But they are not coming this time because of corona. Life has come to a standstill due to the corona virus. In this situation, people are scared about life. Who will buy utensils? Moreover, the first Boishakh fair was not held this time. As a result, we have suffered a huge financial loss.