Magura Free Day celebrated

Published : 07 Dec 2021 09:31 PM | Updated : 08 Dec 2021 04:18 PM

Through various programs, `Magura Mukto Dibosh' was celebrated on Tuesday 7th December in Magura.

Advocate Saifuzzaman Shikhar, Member of Parliament for Magura-1 constituency, Dr Biren Sikder, Deputy Commi­ssioner Ashraful Alam, Superintendent of Police Zahirul Islam, District Council Chairman Pankaj Kundu, Municipal Mayor Khurshid Haider Tutul and other leaders of the District Freedom Fighters Unit Command gave tribute at Nomani Moidan ‘Shoheed Bedi’. 

Doa mahfil was held after hoisting the national flag. Besides, a discussion mee­ting was held at Ashadu­zzaman Auditorium. 

Speaking as the chief guest at the discussion meeting at the Bir Muktijo­ddha Ashadu­zza­man Audito­rium, Saifu­zza­man Shikhar MP said, “Today is our most glorious day. Our heroic freedom fighters liberated Magura on this day and our deepest respect to the best children of the nation, the Freedom Fighters.”

Now our task is to make the work of building an independent `Sonar Bangla' a hundred percent success by holding the hand of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the daughter of Bangabandhu which, for the most part we have already succeeded. However, the defeated forces of independence are still conspiring to thwart it. Everyone must resist it united.” 

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In the afternoon, a discussion meeting and cultural program on the background of liberation of Magura and the role of heroic freedom fighters will be held at Bir Muktijoddha Ashaduzza­man Stadium.  According to local freedom fighters, the Sreepur forces led by Akbar Hossain Miah of Sreepur, Yakub forces of Mohammadpur, Mashrurul Haque Siddiqui Kamal forces of Moha­mmadpur-Faridpur area, Khandaker Majed forces of Magura town and Mujibs led by Liaquat Hossain were able to liberate Magura. The army and local Razakars fought hard against the Al Badr forces. 

The Pak army started retreating in the face of massive guerrilla attacks. On 6 December, the Mukti Bahini and the Allied forces attacked various Pakistani camps, including the village of Nijananduwali. 

At the same time, the Pakistani army was forced to leave Magura overnight for fear of Allied aggression. On 6th December, Magura, in the joy of liberation of the enemy, the whole city was called Dhakti. 

The whole Magura area became famous with the slogan 'Joy Bangla'. During the war, MP Ashaduzzaman Magura, in-charge of the Ranaghat Youth Camp in India, who was the dissident organizer of the War of Liberation, provided direction, weapons and supplies to the Liberation Army. 

Shafiquzzaman Bachchu, joint general secretary of the district Awami League, said Ashaduzzaman, the con­vener of the Sangram Parishad, entered Magura in a decorated vehicle with Major Chakraborty, the com­mander-in-chief of the allied forces. Ashaduzza­man formally declared Magura free from Pakh­anadar by participating in a joint procession of Mukti Bahini and Allied forces at Magura Nomani Maidan.