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Lusail Stadium lights up for WC 22 finale

Published : 17 Dec 2022 10:23 PM | Updated : 18 Dec 2022 02:50 PM

The Lusail Stadium and its surroundings have just taken on a completely different look with wonderful decorations, and are all ready for the curtain of the show-piece of the biggest show on earth, the World Cup football 2022, to come down today at the venue.

Lusail Stadium will host the closing ceremony of the World Cup 2022 Qatar coupled with the final match between Argentina and France taking place.

Qatar, the richest country in the world, has already amazed the world with its organising capacity, constructing eight beautiful stadiums with facilitating the air-conditioning systems in all stadiums including other modern facilities. It is very doubtful whether anyone could do it as it was very confusing how it would be successful to arrange the full air conditioning system in eight stadiums. Qatar succeeded in doing it.     

The Qatar sports authority involving the Qatar government made the world’s biggest extravaganza a very successful one. Now they are prepared to stage such an attractive presentation in the closing ceremony.  

The closing ceremony which would be so stunning  so as to promise to stay forever in the memories of about the 90,000 spectators expected at Lusail Stadium gallery and billions in audience across the world through television and other media.  

Their plan to present “A Night to Remember” will reflect on the tournament through music and poetry, Artistes from official soundtracks are to raise the curtain ahead of Argentina v. France final match.

After a month long thrill with action of 63 matches on the pitch, Argentina and France will meet in the final action, for the ultimate prize of the 2022 edition of the FIFA World Cup.

Following an opening ceremony that celebrated bridging the gaps and getting to know one another beyond their differences, the final ceremony will last 15 minutes and reference the world coming together for the 29 days of the tournament through poetry and music.

Meanwhile, the opening ceremony, place at the Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor, prior to the opening match of the tournament between hosts Qatar and Ecuador. It included appearances by Morgan Freeman and Ghanim Al-Muftah, and a performance by South Korean singer Jungkook of BTS. The ceremony has many symbolic indications that express welcome, generosity and hospitality in Arab culture, as well as contemporary musical, cultural and visual performances that were used for the first time in the tournament, under a “Tent” decoration that represents the Earth, in a message to invite the world to meet and unite. The ceremony, which lasted for about 30 minutes, was dominated by Gulf and Arab heritage.

But the closing ceremony presentation - the “A Night to Remember” will wrap-up with a mashup of songs from the Official Soundtrack that marked memorable moments of the tournament. Performing live to the 90,000 stadium crowd and millions global audience, Davido and Aisha will sing ‘(Hayya Hayya) Better Together’, Ozuna and Gims will do ‘Arbo’, and the full female lineup of ‘Light the Sky’ will be presented with Nora Fatehi, Balqees, Rahma Riad and Manal.   

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