Lowest Covid-19 people in Bandar, highest in city

Published : 02 Jun 2020 10:26 PM | Updated : 06 Sep 2020 03:36 PM

COVID-19 patients’ death toll reached at eighty five with newly deceased three in last twenty four hours in Narayanganj.

Whereas, corona positive patients’ figure climbed to three thousand and forty seven including newly infected one hundred twenty four peoples in the district.

Civil surgeon office of Narayanganj confirmed the information to the media that a total of 85 persons died till now, 813 survived and 3,047 got infected in total.

The loss of lives in COVID-19 according to area basis 2 are in Arihazar upazila, 2 in Bandar upazila, 53 in NCC area, 2 in Rupganj, 18 in Sadar (Fatulla, Shiddhirganj and Narayanganj Sadar PS) upazila and 8 in Sonargoan upazila. The number of 

death and infection in Narayanganj is mounting geometrically day-by-day as it’s a tough job to bring down the rein of coronavirus.

Moving in the different roads of the town it was found that 2 persons ride in a rickshaw, 3 persons ride in a motorcycle and crowd of people doing their activities. As a result the health rule that is indicated by the health department to keep at least three feet physical distance among each other and compulsory mask for everybody is being violated.

Besides, a huge gathering of mostly adolescent people is found in different localities in the evening who do not obey the health rule. As a good number of law enforcers are infected with corona virus there is a shortage in patrolling at day and night.