Low quality bricks being used in road construction

Published : 09 Feb 2022 09:59 PM | Updated : 10 Feb 2022 03:04 PM

There are allegations of using substandard materials on the road under construction of LGED in Mirzaganj of Patuakhali district.

Correspondent after visiting the spot saw that the use of materials as per the schedule and the road construction work is being carried out with low quality bricks without making the bed with sand properly - such is the complaint of the locals. This has caused extreme anger among the people in the area.

According to Upazila LGED sources,  Runat Enterprise of Patuakhali got the construction work of 1.5 km new road from south side of Doklakhali Government Primary School in Deuli Subidkhali Union of the upazila to Doklakhali stand at a cost of Tk 1.59 crore.

Going to the spot, it can be seen that the construction work is going on with very low quality brick cobbles and sand.  Also, the road can collapse at any moment due to cutting the side land and making a shoulder as proper bed has not been made to construct the road. Several people in the area upon asking said that the contractor has been using substandard bricks to build the road since the beginning of the work. Even though they have been banned more than once, they are not listening to anyone. As the contractors are influential, they are continuing their construction work as they wish. As if no one has seen it.

Patuakhali Runat Enterprise owner Russell Hossain said that if a contractor buy 1 lakh bricks, 20 thousand bricks can be bad in that consignment. Work is going on as per schedule.

Supervising Officer Upazila Assistant Engineer Delwar Hossain said the contractor had brought some low quality bricks. They have been instructed to remove.

Upazila engineer Ashikur Rahman said action would be taken against the contractor as per the rules if the use of substandard materials was found on the spot.

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