Low-lying areas in Barisal flooded by tidal waters

Published : 22 Aug 2022 08:28 PM

The people of Barisal and the southern part of Barisal, which is surrounded by rivers, are in a lot of trouble due to the inundation of the low-lying areas due to continuous rains and the tidal waters of the river. Normal movement is disrupted. The streets are mostly empty as people do not go out of their homes except for the most necessary. Road and waterway vehicles are not crowded with passengers.

The Meteorological Office says that due to the low pressure created in the Bay of Bengal, it has been raining intermittently since Sunday morning in Barisal. Sometimes torrential and sometimes moderate and light rains in this region. Along with this, there is also a fear of more rainfall with thunder in the next 48 hours.   

Barishal Meteorological Office observer Mahfuzar Rahman said that 28 millimeters of rain fell in Barisal from Sunday morning to 2 pm. During this period the maximum wind speed was 18 km. He said that due to adverse weather conditions, the river ports of Barisal region have been shown naval warning signal number 2 and the Payra sea port has been shown local warning signal number 3.

Besides, Barishal, Patuakhali, Bhola, Barguna, Pirojpur, Jhalkathi and the lower areas of the islands and chars near these places are feared to be inundated by wind-driven tides 2 to 4 feet higher than the normal tide. Meanwhile, the waters of almost all the rivers in the southern region are still flowing over the boundary. Due to this, for 5 consecutive days, the water of the rivers in the southern region is crossing the tidal limit.

Also, most of the rivers including Greater Meghna are very turbulent since this morning. While crossing the raging Meghna River, a bulkhead with 320 tons of stone overturned and sank near Ulania launch ghat around 12 noon. However, the 4 crew members in the bulkhead were rescued alive by the Coast Guard.

Deputy Assistant Engineer of Barishal Water Development Board Masum said that due to the adverse weather, heavy rains and the full moon, the water of various rivers in the southern region has exceeded the limit even today. Especially today at around 12:30 pm in Patharghata station of Bishkhali river water has increased by 25 cm compared to yesterday. In addition, recently, the water of Bishkhali river in Patharghata has flowed over 100 cm above the boundary line. So today there is a possibility of water rise in upstream stations of Patharghata.

Meanwhile, due to continuous rain and abnormal tide in the river, most of the areas of Barisal city have caused waterlogging on the roads. As a result, the city dwellers are spending their days in misery.