Loose lockdown in Noakhali, 130 new patients test positive

Published : 25 Jul 2021 08:57 PM

On the third day of the 14-day strict lockdown across the country, the lockdown is going on loosely in Noakhali district. However, law and order forces including police and BGB are in the field under the leadership of executive magistrates in different places of the district. Masks are being distributed by the administration to make the people aware.

In the morning, light vehicles including battery-powered auto-rickshaws, motorcycles and CNG-powered auto-rickshaws were seen plying on the road. Although the shopping malls remained closed, some small shops were still open. Although there are shops for daily necessities in the city, the presence of shoppers seemed a bit less. However, the picture was a bit different in the village markets. In most of the markets, the shopkeepers were running the shops with half the shutters open. If they saw the administration car, they closed the shutters for a while but it was reopening after authorities leave the area. 

Currently, law enforcement agencies led by 24 executive magistrates are working in different parts of the district to enforce the lockdown. Meanwhile, in the last 24 hours in the district, 4 people have died while undergoing treatment at the 120-bed Covid-19 Dedicated Hospital due to corona infection. 130 new people have been identified.