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Lockdown stricter on day-2

Published : 24 Jul 2021 10:23 PM | Updated : 25 Jul 2021 12:33 AM

The second day of the lockdown, which started on July 23, was observed more strictly in the capital on Saturday.

Most of the city's roads were empty on the day, with law enforcers in stern positions.

While visiting Mirpur, Agargaon, Shyamoli, Kalyanpur, Tejgaon and other areas of the capital, this reporter found a few private cars as well as rickshaws and motorcycles plying the main roads. In addition, vans and pick-ups involved in emergency services were spotted from time to time.

Barricades and check-posts have been installed on different corners of the city. There were law enforcement forces on guard. People and vehicles were stopped and asked the reason for moving through. Those who could show a satisfactory cause were being allowed to move on.

 Ruhul Amin, a policeman on duty at the Mirpur-2 check post, told this reporter, “The traffic had been light since morning. People were hardly going out unnecessarily. Some cars were out, but those were mostly of doctors or patient carriers. In addition, some emergency services such as medicine and media transportation are seen.”

"No one has been fined so far today. We are alerting those who are not wearing masks or wearing masks under their chins," he added.

Like the main roads, there were hardly any vehicles in the alleys except a few rickshaws and private cars. Except the medicine stores and grocery shops, till 3 in the noon, shops remain closed. There were police patrol vehicles in the alleys to make people aware and announce to close the shops.

In addition, it had been raining since the morning on Saturday in many areas of the capital. Therefore, only those who did not have a choice got out.

However, a few tea stalls and other shops were open, keeping their shutters half closed. But, as soon as they heard the sirens of police patrol vehicles, they shuttered.

A police car was patrolling in the alleys of Ansar Camp area near Technical, Mirpur. From the vehicle, police personnel were announcing to keep their distance and wear masks. They were asking to close the shops when they found a few open.

Srredham Chondro Hawlader, Sub-Inspector of Mirpur Model Thana and In-Charge of the patrolling vehicle told Bangladesh Post, “We are patrolling from Mirpur-1 to Kalyanpur with this car and announcing in the loudspeaker to wear masks and keep distance.”

When asked if they had fined anyone, he said, “It has been raining since the morning. There are hardly any people out of their homes.”

Roads in Tejgaon area through Mirpur, Technical, Kalyanpur and Asadgate were found empty on Saturday. While crossing the Tejgaon railway overpass to Bijoy Shoroni crossing, some private cars, but they could be kept out of count.

However, the vehicles of government agencies and law enforcement agencies were noticed more. Traffic sergeants and police did not need to be that much active at crossings as very few vehicles were seen.

The strictest lockdown has started across the country from 6 am on July 23 to curb coronavirus transmission. This lockdown will continue till August 5.