Locals suffering due to lack of bridge in Kurigram

Published : 29 May 2022 10:06 PM

As there is no bridge over a canal in Bawar village of Rowmari Sadar union of Kurigram, about 20,000 people from 16 villages are crossing the river by boat at the risk of their lives. People of all walks of life, including school children in the area, are suffering extreme hardships, sometimes by boat and sometimes by crossing bamboo bridges. The Upazila Parishad Chairman and the Upazila Nirbahi Officer made a written request to the bridge but no action was taken. Even the local people's representatives did not keep their promise. As a result, there is no end to their suffering in all seasons of long winter monsoon.

It was learned that 65 meters distance from Hasmat Member's house to Chhakku Mia's house in Bawar village of the upazila due to lack of a bridge. About 20,000 people from 18 villages, including Uttar Jadur Char, are suffering. There are also government primary schools, secondary and higher secondary schools and madrasas in the area. Although 50 years of independence have passed, a bridge has not been built. As a result, in some years Basheer Sackon has to deal with the risk of life by boat. From time to time, many people have been the victims of accidents by sinking boats under water. Last year, with the help of the locals, he used to build a bash sako. That too has been ruined. As a result, communication with Rowmari Upazila Shiberdangi, Saidabad, Kartimari and Rowmari Sadar was cut off and about 20,000 people from 18 villages fell. At present the only reliable boat for communication with the upazila. As a result, a man named Suruzzamal from Bawar village felt the pain of the Komalmati students and a boat was set up on the canal and with this boat the farmers are bringing full marketing of agriculture, paddy, vegetables and vegetables to the market. At the same time, about 20,000 people including school-college and madrasa students crossed.

Ayesha Siddique, a school student in the area, said that because of the lack of a bridge over a few meters of canal, people are crossing the river by boat all year round at the risk of their lives. Our demand to the government is that the bridge be expedited.

Raju Ahmed, a student of the school, said that due to the lack of a paved bridge, boats are being used all year round. We want a quick bridge.

Aminul Islam, a resident of the area, said that Bashen's sako was given on this canal last year. With that, everyone could travel easily. Currently crossing by boat. I am urging the government including the local administration for a bridge. Rupa, a female member of the local Rowmari Sadar UP, said people in the area have been traveling with great difficulty for a long time. I have informed the matter to the Upazila Engineer Officer several times. He assured. Upazila Nirbahi Officer Ashraful Alam Russell said, the matter was discussed at the coordination meeting. For the time being, arrangements will be made for the passage of the locals and all the process for a 60 meter bridge in that canal is in the final stage.