Locals obstruct burial of woman

Panic-stricken people continue to obstruct the burial, of suspected Covid-19 infected, across Bangladesh. Now in Thakurgaon, a woman’s burial was obstructed by the locals. 

She died with corona symptoms and her family found it very difficult to complete her burial as the agitating locals protested the decision without even knowing that she was, infected by coronavirus or not.

Later in the afternoon, with the intervention of the UpazilaNirbahi Officer, the burial of the housewife was completed on the land of one UP member of Akcha UP. 

Thakurgaon Modern Sadar Hospital Residential Medical Officer, RakibulAlam said, “Housewife Rani Begum (23) was admitted to the hospital around 8am on Thursday with fever and respiratory problems. 

She was brought to the hospital by her mother Khadeja Begum, sister Iti Akhter and younger brother Russell.The doctor on duty advised her to be admitted to the pre-isolation ward of the hospital. But latershe died at around 1am on Friday.”

Since the housewife’s death, the health department and the upazila administration have contacted her husband Akbar Ali and other relatives more than once, but there has been no response from the relatives.

Akcha Union Parishad chairman Subrata Kumar Barman said the deceased woman was married to Akbar Ali of Auliapur Union in the same upazila six years ago. They had been living in a rented house in Badurpara Colony of Jagannathpur Union since their marriage.

He added that in the morning, after receiving information from the UpazilaNirbahi Officer, he went to the house of the deceased's father to bury the body. When they went to dig graves for burial in two graveyards in Bathina village, the locals blocked them.

On the other hand, when Nazrul Islam, the chairman of Auliapur Union, took steps to bury the body in Kachubari area, the villagers blocked there as well. In such a situation, Ramzan Ali, a UP member of Akcha Union, dug a grave on his own land in Kashalbari village near the house of the deceased's father and arranged for the burial of the housewife. 

A team of volunteers trained by the Islamic Foundation later took the body and buried it in the afternoon following instructions from the World Health Organization.

ThakurgaonSadarUpazila Executive Officer (UNO) Abdullah Al Mamun said, “Villagers objected to the attempt to bury the body of housewife Rani Akter in Auliapur and Akcha Unions since morning. Later, Akcha UP member Ramzan Ali buried her body on his land.”