Local Pitha enriches Pohela Falgun, Valentine’s Day programmes

Published : 15 Feb 2020 09:10 PM | Updated : 04 Sep 2020 11:14 PM

Traditional spring festival, widely known as Basanta Utsab and first day of Bengali month Pahela Falgoon was observed in Jhenidah with festive mood. Different cultural and school and colleges calked out colourful programmes to make the day eventful. To mark the day, a colourful rally was brought in the town. Starting from Jhenidah Modernmoar, the rally was ended at the starting point.

Later Morning Bell Children Academy, an education centre organized a pitha ustab (Cake Festival) at the school venue where about 50 types of traditional local cakes like Bhapa, Patisapta, Pahi, Talkuchi, Nakshipitha, Jhinuk, Chandrapulli etc. was exhibited and sod among the visitors.

Sonali Mahmud and Anindita Ghosh, two house wives during their visit at the festival said this sort of festivals should be organized following different national and local days and events to patronize the traditional culture to regain them in the society both in rural and urban areas. For want of patronization, the traditional culture is going to be decayed from the rural Bangladesh day by day.

Organizers of Morning Bell Children Academy said the programme drew attention of hundreds of people including the students of university, college and school and common people where the major of the visitors were from women community.