Local fridge makers eye huge sales ahead of Eid

Walton targets to sale 10 lakh units

Local electronics manufacturers have taken extensive initiatives to grab the domestic fridge market eyeing increased demand for the appliance ahead of the Eid-ul-Azha. As part of that, local giant Walton has set a target of selling 10 lakh units of fridges in July and August, 2019.

Golam Murshed, executive director and chief executive officer of Walton Fridge Department, said this in a statement adding that nearly 6 lakh units were sold during last year’s Qurbani Eid and this year, the company has targeted to hit a new record of selling 10 lakh pieces.

To achieve the target, it undertook extensive initiatives like increased the fridge production, creating sufficient stocks at every outlets across the country, releasing around 50 new models, special benefits for the customers.

On the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha, customers of Walton brand refrigerators and freezers are offered Tk 1 million (10 lakh) gift on registration of fridges after purchase from any Walton plaza, distributor outlet or E-plaza till the Eid. Moreover, customers may get Tk 1 lakh cash, sure cash vouchers or various sorts of appliances like fridge, TV etc. as free.  Uday Hakim, executive director of Walton Group, said that Walton brand fridge are in the customers’ top choice.  Now, Walton is meeting around 75 percent of the entire local demands for fridges, mentioning it he added that every year they are registering continuous growth in the sales of fridge. Thus, he said, this year Walton targeted to sale out 20 lakh units of fridge in the domestic market. Walton is now marketing 135 models of fridge, including 103 models of frost refrigerator, 20 models of non-frost refrigerator and 12 models of freezers. 

Centering the upcoming Qurbani Eid, Walton released around 50 new models of refrigerators. Of which, 37 models are of frost and 5 models of non-frost refrigerators.