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Living with Pattaya

Published : 19 Feb 2020 08:47 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 10:00 AM

Rezaul Haque, back from Thailand

In the 21st century, the nation of Thailand has become a place where  all people and a rainbow of genders and sexuality, can find peace in a stress-free environment.  The night life  has become a combination of artistic dress, colorful comedy on stages that are grand and glorious in size.

Bangkok has become a city that everyone must experience and the nightlife is a special, thrilling part of this new outlook. You have the option of visiting nightclubs, different live music venues, go-go bars and pubs of all kinds.

The amazing stage shows never disappoint the international traveler. In fact, the entertainment industry in these two arias has transformed from once being very conservative, traditional artistic display of Thai traditional dance and music to huge stage productions with multi-talented cabaret dancing to present in full the new, exciting transgender expression of our present era. Consequently, the cities have created an oasis for creative, artistic dancing that every visitor should behold.

The star Cruise is the first and only one cruise in Thailand, to short-term sailing in the sea for tourism. This is the only cruise ship that can sail in the Bay of Pattaya, watching the night scenery of Pattaya. On board the ship, princesses and waiters are there to greet you. The princesses performing on board, which are the most famous contests in Thailand. Every year, large numbers of tourists come to visit.  

This is why people from around the world come to see the  different performances in Thailand beside the Pattaya beach, it is always beyond expectations. No matter whether you prefer a night at Pattaya or Bangkok, the precious experience you experience will never be forgotten. And when you remember your days back in Thailand, you may find your way to another fantasy show again and again.