‘Life is too short to be boring…’

Published : 13 Mar 2022 08:25 PM

Mehazabien Chowdhury earned her position as one of the most successful television actresses in recent times. She began her career after winning the crown of the beauty pageant, Lux Channel I Superstar, in 2009 and now she has taken herself in another level by her acting skills.  Almost all her plays are on the list of audience favorites. Over the time, she has become a fully grown actress.

The actress once lived in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai. As a result, she thinks it works differently whenever she visits the country. On Sunday morning March 13, the actress posted a few pictures on her social media taking preparation to fly in the sky. Along with a caption, 'LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO BE BORING. LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH AND DON'T FORGET TO FLY.'

At the end of 2008 the actress returned home from the United Arab Emirates just for six months and then in 2009 she entered the competition of 'Lux-Channel I Superstar'.

Mehazabien has been working since then the actress has been at the peak of her popularity for the last few years. Most of her work is being received by the audience. Recently, she has completed the era of acting life. In her long career she has acted in more than 450 plays and 80plus television commercials TVC. 

Recently, the teaser of her first web series titled 'Sabrina' has been released the web series is directed by Ashfaq Nipun. Sabrina is the name of two women from two different levels of society. The story of all the women in the society has been highlighted in this web series. It will soon be released on the OTT platform ‘Hoichoi'.