Life is back to normal

We must not let our guard down

Published : 21 Feb 2022 08:04 PM

Life returns to normal today (Tuesday) as the government has removed all its Covid-19 restrictions. On January 13 last, it imposed 11-point Covid-19 restrictions till February 7 amid the growing concern over the transmission of Omicron variant. Considering the overall condition of the country, the government has decided not to extend the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions from today to keep socioeconomic and academic activities smooth.

The Covid-19 situation has now come under control in the country. Activities of all the government, semi-government and non-government offices, autonomous bodies, banks and financial institutions are going on in full swing following health safety guidelines and other rules, set by the government. Besides, country’s schools, colleges and universities reopen today. However, still we all have to be sincere in wearing masks in any programme and gathering. 

It has been noticed that people’s fear regarding the Covid-19 inoculation has almost gone. Hence, local administration, public representatives, different socio-cultural organisations and volunteer groups must help rural people get vaccines and motivate them to go for Covid-19 test for their proper treatment.

There is no alternative but to keep running the country’s economy at any cost amid Covid-19 pandemic. As nobody knows exactly how long the coronavirus will last and when it will end, there is no reason for waiting to get back to normal life.

There is no alternative but to keep running the

 country’s economy at any cost amid Covid-19


Keeping away people from getting infected with coronavirus and running wheels of economy simultaneously is a 'war'. We have to win the fight against Covid-19. We think the government has taken the right decision as it has been trying its best to do everything to face the pandemic and keep running the country’s all activities. Apart from the government, we think as a citizen of the country we all individuals have the responsibility to effectively fight the coronavirus. We believe that we can be able to face the situation if all people remain careful, use mask and follow the health guidelines. 

However, we fear that commuting to and from work amid packed transports and crowded places might worsen the situation as people’s movement has already started increasing in large scale. Therefore, there is no alternative but to maintain health guidelines properly.

All people ranging from farmers, day labourers, rickshaw pullers and small traders to industrialists are struggling to survive. The way the novel coronavirus pandemic is developing suggests that the virus will never go away completely, says World Health Organisation.  In consequence, the ruling Awami League led by Bangabandhu’s daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is fighting against the Covid-19 calling it a “war” and keeping the country’s all sectors alive. 

Therefore, we think all activities have to be kept running. Besides, all must keep themselves protected and protect others as well and continue their respective jobs in order to maintain the country’s trend of growth in all sectors.