Libraries set up in CMP police stations

Published : 03 Sep 2022 07:46 PM

Books are the link between past and present.  Good food fills the stomach but good books satisfy the soul.  Books are children of the brain.  Reading books makes human thinking pure and personality clear.  The new initiative of Chattogram Metropolitan Police (CMP) is to set up a library to spread this habit of reading books.

Libraries have been set up in every police station to make all police stations of CMP a shelter for the city dwellers.  The service seekers who came to the police station looked at these books while they were waiting. Stories, novels, poems, essays, history or philosophy;  A library has been arranged with the collection of books of different authors of local and foreign authors. Limited range of chairs and tables have been arranged for sitting and reading.  Not only the people who come to the police station and their family members for various needs, but also the local people have the opportunity to read these books.  In addition to reading books sitting in the library, one can also take them home.

The number of books in these libraries is increasing with time.  New books are being bought after few months.  Among the policemen who are in the habit of reading books, they can take books home and read them if they want.  Books related to law are also available in the library.  These books are also very helpful to know any subject of law immediately.

These books placed in the police station library will provide different types of thoughts in the mind of the policemen working in the police station.  Similarly, the waiting time for the people who come to the police station for service will be well spent and the mind will develop.  It will free the reader for a while from the strict circle of policing.  Along with professionalism, the common sense practice of mindfulness will help in making the policemen more humane.