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‘Lenin’: Novel on the Russian revolutionary leader unveiled

Published : 21 Jan 2024 09:38 PM

“Lenin", a novel on the life of Russian communist leader and the architect of the Bolshevik Revolution, was launched at the Poet Shamsur Rahman Auditorium in the capital.

The book was written by Ashanur Rahman and published by Kathaprokash publication.

The cover of the book was unveiled in the presence of Prof Anu Muhammad, journalists Nurul Kabir and Faruk Wasif and writers Mashiul Alam, Mashrur Arefin and Afsana Begum, among others.

"The portrayal of Lenin in this book is full of life.It is a very difficult task to write a novel about a person who is known to everyone. Ashanur did that work," Anu Muhammad said at the event.

This book is highly recommended for all individuals, particularly the younger generation, he added.

Writer Asahnur Rahman said it took him six years to publish the book. "Lenin" is his first Bengali novel, and he has dedicated it to his mother.

Journalist Nurul Kabir said, "Not only for the purpose of understanding the revolution, people should read about Vladimir Lenin to get insights into the domains of state, politics, and the role of women."

City Bank Managing Director, writer Mashrur Arefin said, "Lenin's character in the book goes beyond being a mere revolutionist, presenting him as a relatable human being. Such portrayal is likely to steer readers towards a positive direction."

Writer Afsana Begum also spoke at the event.