Legend Of The Black-Eyed Children

Published : 04 Apr 2022 05:38 PM | Updated : 30 Apr 2022 05:24 PM

You hear a knock on your door and when you look through the window or door hole, you see children. They look like they really need help and have been standing there for some time. They don’t look anything close to threatening. They become persistent and you reach for the door.

They don’t want to get in. Wait a minute! Something is strange about these kids. Their eyes are all black, no iris, no sclera, no nothing, you get scared and want to scream. Ever heard of the legend of the black-eyed children? They are finally at your doorstep.

Who are the black-eyed children?

Black-eyed children or otherwise known as black-eyed kids are ghostly young children who have unnatural eyes that are all black. The children are regarded as terrifying and can sometimes be dangerous. The legend of the black-eyed children is an urban story of these paranormal creatures that look like children between 6-16 years.

In the legend, the creatures have been seen panhandling, hitchhiking, or standing at the doorstep of a residential house. They hang around residential homes and stalk passersby to cause psychological torture. Anyone who encounters these kids, be it at a doorstep, a car, or anywhere else often almost instantly get horrified.

Some people say these children are ghosts, others think they are demons while most are convinced, they are vampires or they practice evil magic. However, many people regard the legend as a myth that has become popular because of online platforms like YouTube and other sites.

No one really knows who the children are or their parents. It is believed that apart from Josh Colins, his sister Emma Colins and their friends Remy and Jo, nobody knows who the other black-eyed kids are. These children died of foul play when they got lost in the woods while playing hide and seek. Aside from the lid-to-lid black eyes, the children look normal with their dresses looking a little out of fashion.

Where Do The Black-Eyed Kids Come From?

It has never really been clear where the paranormal children come from. While most people think that the children first appeared in the 1980s, most sources say that the legend dates back to 1996 originating from posts written by Brian Bethel, a Texas reporter.

Brian claimed to have encountered two black-eyed children in Abilene, Texas. He said he saw the children with pale skin and black eyes and repeated the same in front of the camera when he went to the Monsters and Mysteries American TV show in 2012.

Bethel reported how events transpired on one late evening when he parked his car in a parking lot outside a movie theater. He had stopped to write a check but had not noticed two boys approach his car. He was so absorbed in what he was doing that it was only until one of the boys tapped on his side window,

He rolled down his window and immediately felt afraid but did not understand why. The older boy said that they had come to watch a movie but forgot some money at home and were asking if Bethel could give them a ride home. The children assured Bethel that they were harmless.

Bethel thought the movie they wanted to catch would have already started by the time they get back. All this time he had not established eye contact. The moment he did, his fear became tripled as he saw that the boys’ eyes were totally black. Immediately he noticed the ghostly appearance, Bethel drove out of the parking lot. To date, he still stands by the same story.

It was not until Bethel came out with his story that most other people also started narrating their encounters with the black-eyed children. Some encounters happen in Texas while others happen in other parts of the country and other countries.

Some theories tend to suggest that the horror-looking children are aliens trying to come to Earth. Demonologists believe that the children are the devil’s offspring’s and that if you allow them in, you are inviting the devil himself. The legend has become so popular that a movie was developed with the same storyline in 2015.

How Do Black-Eyed Children Look?

These children wear dark clothes, sometimes with a hooded sweatshirt. Their skin looks pale and, in most cases, comes as a group of black-eyed children. They look like they are in desperate need of help and somehow make you feel guilty if you don't help. Their voices also sound desperate making it hard for you to not help.

What Do Black-Eyed Kids Want?

When these children walk up to your car or doorstep, they will try to suggest one of the following things:

  • They would like to call someone on your phone
  • They would like you to let them in and even use the word “please” to lure you or say you have to let them in
  • Ask for something or a request
  • Ask for help

People who have encountered these children say they find themselves starting to help even when they don’t want to. Maybe they would roll down the car windows or open the door a little bit. It almost the children makes the victim feel obliged to help but before they even do anything, the children lift their heads to show the black eyes. As soon as they see the black eyes, fear creeps in and they roll up the windows or close the door immediately.

Final Words

The ghost story of the black-eyed children may seem unrealistic but until today people still report seeing the children while driving at night or at the corner of their bedrooms during sleep paralysis. Have you ever encountered black-eyed kids? Do you believe they really exist? What would you do if you roll down your car window and there stands three black-eyed children in dire need of help? It is just a legend and we can’t really tell if the children exist until you or I have them before our eyes.

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