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Launch fares up by 30 pc

Published : 16 Aug 2022 09:11 PM

Journey by water vessels on all routes would be costlier effective from Tuesday, said an official announcement.

A notification was issued by the Ministry of Shipping yesterday (Tuesday) informing that all travelers traveling on commercial water vessels would be increased by 30 percent following an increase in fuel prices globally.

According to the notification, the rule 27 of Bangladesh Inland Water Transport (Navy Routes, Permits, Timetable and Fare Determination) Rules 2019, the government has readjusted the fares in the light of the recommendations of a committee formed to determine the maximum and minimum passenger fares per kilometer for passengers traveling on riverineriverine transports. 

For the first distance of less than 100 km, the passenger fare has been increased from Tk 2.30 to Tk 3 taka per person per km. For the distance of more than 100 km, the passenger fare has been increased from the existing Tk 2 to Tk 2.60 per kilometer.

The minimum fare per person has been increased from Tk 25 to Tk 33 with an increase of Tk 8.

earlier, the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources had increased the prices of kerosene, diesel, petrol and octane on August 5 due to the increase in global fuel prices.

The newly fixed prices show that the retail price of diesel at the consumer level within 40 km of the depot is Tk 114, kerosene Tk 114, octane Tk 135 and petrol Tk 130. Earlier, the retail price at the consumer level was Tk 80 per liter of diesel, Tk 80 of kerosene, Tk 89 of octane and Tk 86 of petrol.

On August 8, the Ship Owners’ Association proposed doubling the existing fare for the increase in launch fares. 

A meeting was held with Shipping Secretary Mustafa Kamal at the Secretariat on August 8. After long discussions and not reaching a decision, the ministry formed a working committee.

Launch fares were hiked by more than 35 percent in November last year following an earlier hike in oil prices.