Launch crackdown on juvenile gang

School boy murdered in Munshiganj

Published : 10 Feb 2024 10:28 PM

We have noticed with grave concern that our many female students could not attend schools, colleges and universities due to ever increasing juvenile gang (Kishore Gang) crime across the country. The young girls and women either in urban or rural areas feel helpless as the hardened criminals roam and loaf in and around freely round the clock to stalk women and girls. 

Many people met tragic end of their lives by the criminals when they protested stalking of girls or women. Fathers were killed as they protested stalking of their daughters while brothers were brutally murdered.  When they came to protect the sisters.

Apart from fathers and brothers, the members of juvenile armed gangs also murdered many young boys who protested stalking of their female classmates in different places of the country. Nirob Ahmed, 17, an SSC candidate from Lauhajang Pilot High School was stabbed to death allegedly by a group of young people for protesting against their stalking in Srinagar of Munshiganj on Friday.

During the annual sports competition of Kazi Fazlul Haque High School of Srinagar Upazila on Thursday, some young men harassed some girl students of the school. Nirob and his friends protested at the incident.

Young girls and women either in

 urban or rural 

areas feel 


Later the armed goons stabbed Nirob on the head and chest with sharp weapons in Kamargaon area of Srinagar upazila. Many young people are getting involved in various crimes like extortion, mugging, drug peddling and stalking young girls and women across the country.

Besides, they are also involved in violent and brutal crimes like murder and their delinquency is on the rise at present. We demanded immediate identification, arrest and exemplary punishment of those involved in this gruesome murder and the people behind the scene. 

We also demand action against those responsible for the administration’s failure to provide security to the students. This is not only a story of Nirob but our many young boys and girls were either killed or harassed. Many girls ended up their lives by committing suicide after violation, humiliation and sexual harassment by criminals. 

Urging the deputy commissioners to take appropriate legal measures to stop violence, teasing, stalking, repression and discriminatory behaviour to girls, the prime minister repeatedly instructed them to conduct mobile courts immediately to this end. But the prime minister’s strict warnings seem to have had no effect on the incidence harassment and humiliation of girls.

Now, our girls are studying at school, college and university while women are playing a strong role in making decisions in their family. But they are still being harassed and humiliated by the members of young gangsters under the very nose of the local authorities and law enforcement agencies across the country almost every day.