Launch anchored in fear of fire near Munshiganj Ghat

Published : 03 Apr 2022 09:33 PM

The MV Prince Awlad-10 was anchored at Munshiganj Ghat at midnight on Saturday in fear of fire. 

After receiving phone calls at 999 from passengers, the naval police anchored the launch at Munshiganj Ghat. Fire service was called. After an hour's stay at the wharf after all the tests, the launch left for its destination Barisal again at 1 pm. The launch reached Barisal on Sunday. 

The fire and panic spread among the passengers when smoke and smell of burning came out from the engine room of the launch which left Sadarghat in Dhaka. One passenger called 999.

However, the launch authorities said that there was no fire in the launch. MV Prince Awlad Launch head Md Sajjad Hossain said that a new adjuster has been installed in the silencer pipe of the launch. 

Highlight is needed to apply the adjuster. When the engine is turned on, that light gets hot and gives off a burning smell. 

Due to this fire panic spread among the passengers. Passengers thought there was a fire somewhere. No smoke came out.

Lutfar Rahman, in-charge of Muktarpur Naval Police Station in Munshiganj, said that the passengers became frightened due to the burning smell due to the installation of new adjuster in the silencer pipe of the launch.