Lashkar Barbati gains popularity in Magura

Published : 26 Nov 2021 09:23 PM

The perennial Barbati (String Bean) of beta variety has become popular among the farmers in different areas of Magura Sadar Upazila. Locally it is also known as Loskor Barbati.

Farmers of Atharkhada, Shyamnagar and other areas of Sadar upazila have benefited by cultivating this variety for the last two years. 

The Barbati has been seen around the fields, holding the Barbati in the trees 1 to 1.5 feet high. Other varieties require a special shed or platform made of bamboo. 

But there is no need to build such a platform in this barb. Like the eggplant or this national vegetable, the Barbati trees grow straight. For this reason no additional cost is required. 

Jayanto Biswas, a farmer from Shyamnagar village, said that he has been cultivating this Barbati for the last two years by collecting seeds locally. The main advantage of this Barbati is that it holds the Barbati in the tree almost all the year round. 

An average of 60 to 70 kgs of barbati has been picked up every day per Bigha. Its current selling price is Tk 2 thousands. As a result, if a farmer cultivates this variety one Bigha of land, the sale price of the amount will be around one lack per season while, the cultivation cost is TK 18 to 20 thousand only. 

According to the farmers, the disease is less in the field. Besides, fertilizer and irrigation are not required. That is why the profit is much more than the cost. 

Lob Sarker, Sub Assistant Agrculture Officer of Magura Sadar said that this Barbati has huge commercial potential. That is why the Department of Agricultural Extension is motivating the farmers to increase the cultivation in the district.