Fishing starts after 22-day ban

Large amount of Hilsa getting caught

Published : 29 Oct 2022 09:34 PM

After a long time, popularity has returned to the Hilsa jetty of Hatiya Upazila of Noakhali. After the ban of 22 days, thousands of fishermen of the upazila went fishing last midnight. Many fishermen have returned to the jetty after catching fish in the net from night till dawn. Fishermen in the area hope to get good fish after not getting Hilsa this season.

 After the 22-day ban on Friday midnight, fishermen from half a hundred small jetties including Hatiar Chairman Ghat, Bangla Bazar, Kazir Ghat, Suryamukhi, Burirdon, Rahmat Bazar, New Suez, Kadira Suez, Jonglia, Mohammad Ali Suez, Moktariaghat, Amtlighat and Katkhalighat went to the deep sea to catch fish.

Chairman Jamal Majhi said that he came to the jetty early in the morning after catching 4 fish for only a few hours at night. Fisherman Monir Uddin said, "I got a good price and sold the fish and is going back to the sea quickly." Arangdar Liton said, they hope to be able to overcome the loss of the current season by catching good fish.

Asharul Islam, (Marine Fisheries Officer, Hatia Noakhali) also admitted that the fishermen got good fish in their nets by visiting the fishing terminals since morning. They say that by getting good fish from today, fishermen will be able to overcome the fish shortage in the current season.

After the ban, even though the fishermen found hilsa in their nets, they still did not catch any big fish. Fishermen hope that as time progresses, bigger fish will find their way into their nets.