Langurs leave natural habitat in search of food

Published : 17 Dec 2022 09:30 PM
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Over hundreds of langurs have been appearing in public in different areas of Jhenaidah searching food. The humanitarians have been providing various types of food and fruits, while some people throw stones targeting the wild animals. A section of the people believes that the beasts belong to the God of Hindu Community Rama. The animals have been sustaining injuries when some of the people attack them here and there. 

The langurs usually stay at the branches of trees and rooftops of building houses. Kindhearted people extend their hands with banana, potato, biscuits, cake, fried rice and such food items as available with them. They collect it directly and usually do not bite them. But they got angry if someone disturbs them anyway. In the other hand the heinous people instigate the children to chase them with sticks and stones saying they are the representatives of God Rama and they should not stay in the public. 

Recently a number of langurs have been moving at Shailkupa upazila parishad, water development board, better known as WAPDA gate and some other places. They stay for hours together to get food. Some people provide them various foods. They welcome the food cordially.

District range officer of the department of forestry in Jhenaidah Serajul Islam when contacted said the government had set up a shelter for the langurs at Bhabnagar in bordering Moheshpur upazila where about 200 of its kind are living with food. A number of langurs including some pregnant have been living at Sadhuhati and Halidhani areas under Jhenaidah Sadar Upazila. Local people have been entertaining the wild lives with food and security themselves. 

Sometimes some of them even the pregnant mothers leave the spot and start scattered life. When they give birth to child, the minors in maximum time get scattered and separated from each other. The minors sustain injury failing from the trees or being attacked by the dishonest people anyhow. The forestry officials move here and there for better treatment of the wild animals. At last they rush at the district level livestock office for treatment where they are not treated properly. 

Recently they had rescued three kids of the newly born langurs and rearing them at district forestry office with care. They might be released in the jungles within a week or two when they were capable to move independently, Serajul Islam said.

Acting upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) in Shailkupa Boni Amin when contacted said as hunting, attacking and this sort of unethical activities are ban as per the wild life conservation rules, people should show humanity to the wild lives so that they can feel comfort moving here and there with safety and security.